2310 Carpenter Station Road
Wilmington, Delaware 19810


We Deliver to the following Zip Codes:
19810, 19703, 19061, 19060
With Some Exeptions


Boardwalk Style Pizza



Fresh Dough Made Daily on premesis.

Some of Our Customer Reviews

yelpOK. Seriously. I'm a major pizza snob having grown up in northern NJ where there's a Mom & Pop pizza shop on every corner. I've been looking for the pizza of my childhood ever since I moved away from NJ in '94, and Buono's in Mesa Arizona came close, as does Mazzella's on Philly Pike in Wilmington, but HOLY CRAP, this place wins hands down.

This is our first time ordering from here... got a 16" 1/2 plain 1/2 sausage pie, and SWEET LAWD I took bite and jumped around my kitchen in this odd spontaneous interpretive dance out of nowhere. It was that good.  Also ordered a caesar salad and it's simple, fresh and tasty.

Honey, I think we just found our pizza place.

google reviewOne of the best places to eat IMO in Northern Delaware! Their pizza is good quality. They melt their mozz just right so it has that long stringy look when you bite it and pull. The sauce is good also, they have a sweeter sauce which has a good contrast with the saltiness of mozzarella.

Sometimes the owner gives away a free slice to my family out of respect because we frequent there a lot. They care about their costumers satisfaction which my belly does appreciate :D.

We were just passing through the area on a road trip and got Sciarrino' s veggie to go. SO delicious!  The sauce was flavorful, the veggies were fresh and perfectly cooked, and the service was very friendly. My one complaint is that I live 7 hrs away